Fais Do-Do
Lundi 7 juin - 10h00Jeune Public
Fais Do-Do
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Fais Do-Do
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Un concert exclusivement en anglais !
Comprenant 5 chants en anglais à apprendre en amont en classe
"Fais-Do-Do", à la Nouvelle Orléans, veut dire "Aller danser" et "Faire la fête"

Join Jeannot and Ti'Jean as they take us on a musical tour of the city of New Orleans! 
Jeannot was born on the Rhone River Delta in southern France. One day he travels to Louisiana to meet his cousin Ti'Jean on the banks on the Mississippi River. His new friend takes him on an exciting tour of the city of New Orleans and its vibrant music and traditions. 
From blues to gospel music, African rhythms inherited from slaves to Cajun music, from New Orleans jazz to Mardi Gras music, the two cousins have a wonderful time exploring the instruments, sounds, language and people that make the city of New Orleans unique.